Asus Vivobook X505 Review and Price in India

By | May 26, 2019

It sports a full-hd display with exceptionally thin bezels and weighs only 1.6 kilograms. Our Verdict It’s a brilliant display, that’s very good for watching movies, however unfit for photoediting. The operation is adequately excellent for using Office software but apps like Photoshop or games such as Doom aren’t supposed to be conducted using this notebook. This system is suited for everybody who needs a mobile machine for work also does not wish to pay much about it, however you can find better machines in the event that you should be power end users, albeit for a greater price. It’s a brilliant display, that’s very good for watching movies, however unfit for photoediting. The operation is adequately excellent for using Office software but apps like Photoshop or games such as Doom aren’t supposed to be conducted using this notebook. This system is suited for everybody who needs a mobile machine for work also does not wish to pay much about it, however you can find better machines in the event that you should be power end users, albeit for a greater price.

Asus Vivobook X505: Comprehensive Overview

Asus was on the roll this season, releasing one particular notebook after a second over various sections. The X505 isn’t a update to this X507, but the 2 are assumed to reopen. We spent a few days together with the a sus Vivobook X505 as our principal job system to attempt to know exactly how much value that the notebook had to supply, and also who’d be the ideal sort of buyer to get it.

  • Design and build The lid shows substantial bend if you attempt to start it using only 1 hand. The notebook has a depth of less than one inch, that will be pretty striking. There’s a definite absence of curvature round the hinges which exist over the X507.
  • The vents are arranged on both sides of this notebook. On the ideal side, you can find just two USB interfaces together side the merged headphone jack and also a magnificent SD card reader. On the rear, there is the charging interface, together side an RJ45 Ethernet interface, an HDMI 1.4 interface, a USB 3.0 interface and a USB TypeC port. The vents are ordered pretty neatly onto both sides with enough distance between them for simple positioning and removal.
  • In a design perspective, the a sus Vivobook X505 is nothing especial. It’s a normal rectangular design with the lid using the exact same vibrating layout that we’ve found on additional Asus laptops.

Computer keyboard and Trackpad

The computer keyboard onto the a sus Vivobook X505 has been a fairly pleasant situation to make use of. The keys provide adequate travel, even though being a tiny spongy. For somebody who’s accustomed to having a mechanical computer keyboard, the sponginess has been a bit weird in the beginning, but after having a notebook for above a week, then it felt just like a excellent computer keyboard to type on. There’s not any dedicated num-pad on the X505, unlike to the X507, however that’s a fantastic thing as you obtain marginally bigger keys together with better spacing for keys. Nevertheless, as soon as you get in a rigorous Reading session , why don’t we state a very long inspection or even a study paper and you begins to observe the bend the computer screens. After rapping the computer keyboard for hours, then the keys strong, however, the bend was somewhat disconcerting to do the job well with. In reality, should you employ a small pressure with your finger over the keys, then the whole keyboard pushes inwards, with unexpected ease. Perhaps not very nice faculties, but given that the price purpose, the a sus Vivobook X505 might be excused to it.

Asus Vivobook X505 Review and Price in India

The course is sized and is constructed from plastic, offering a so slight feel. It’s scarcely evident, but there is enough of it never to feel as though smooth, slick vinyl. There’s an individual merged button at the bottom that whose left and side are split between right and left clicks. The buttons possess a decent quantity of traveling and wiggle just a bit, however this is common in laptops at this budget. The track pad doesn’t use Windows Precision drivers that is just a bummer. Inside our broad use of this notebook, we didn’t locate any occasion of this track-pad perhaps not having the ability to enroll our finger’s moves. There is not any lag in mouse movement and also the clicks enroll just nice. But given the massive traveling on the mouse switches for every single click, we must wonder about the length of time that the track pad’s buttons will continue.


The a sus Vivobook X505 review unit which we received is sold with a full-hd display. Even the 15.6-inch display sports a sus’s nanoedge branding, that is basically marketing talk for thin bezels. The board sports bezels too thin as 7.7M M and contrary to other notebook brands which have transferred the webcam into the ground to adapt thin bezels, the Vivobook X505 keeps the webcam at its own original location.

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We assessed the display by means of a colourimeter also revealed that the panel onto your asus Vivobook X505 is effective at replicating only 93 per cent of their sRGB color gamut.

The deficiency of a 100 per cent sRGB color reproductions merely means you’re absolutely not doing any picture with this, but should you would like to see your favorite pictures or shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos, you may not feel as if you are missing from such a thing.

  1. The display provides good viewing anglesenough for just two individuals to huddle across the display and see a picture without anybody losing visual fidelity.
  2. You are even allowed to get off with three people watching a picture on his at precisely the exact same time, even with very nominal discolouration at the borders.
  3. In the best, the a sus Vivobook X505 provides a significant and operational display, ideally fitted to university students who’ve to write newspapers daily and might wish to unwind through the night by simply watching a series or something.
  4. Even those people who’d prefer a notebook for job wouldn’t’be unhappy from this display .
  5. Overall performance In addition, there’s a 1TB drive with a twist rate of 5400rpm. AMD’s brand new Ryder processors offer you the assurance of performance very similar to Intel’s Center collection of chips but at far less expensive.

The chips are infused with images processors which AMD says offer outstanding functionality for graphics-intensive activities, such as gambling. We put the full package to the evaluation, first inside our typical battery of benchmarks.

About the PCMark 8 C-Reative benchmark, the Vivobook X505 was able to score a small 3585 on the evaluation. Lately, the a sus Vivobook X505 felt the best in contrast to this Swift 3 and also Dell Inspiron 1-5, both laptops powered with exactly the exact same AMD Ryan 5 CPU A D 8GB of RAM.

  • Concerning everyday operation, you can find a number of reasons for having it notebook that bothered us. To begin with, a routine drive entails slow boot times. The device would simply take as much as two and half minutes as well , using another minute to minute 5 until it was ready for all of us to turn upward software. Chrome will have a good 8 minutes to launch after having a cold boot, even together with following timings improving. Programs do require time to available, however once they are available, there isn’t any lag or flaws in action performance. By way of instance, when typing a review on ms-word to the Vivobook X505, the letters will show up on the display once their individual keys were pressed. Similarly, when seeking to start a browser window to get attaching pictures to e-mail with Chromethe window started instantly and enabled us to navigate the file system with no hiccups.
  • After detecting that the Vivobook X505 does quite well for daily tasks such as surfing the net and bingewatching every thing in your own favorite YouTuber’s station, we thought it’d be interesting to learn how well the notebook would run modernday matches. This is simply not part of our average tests, but we guessed what’s there to reduce. We filled Doom, Metro Last moderate and Forza Horizon 4 with this particular machine. Need less to saythe Vivobook X505 is not a fantastic gaming system.
  • The battery life to the a sus Vivobook X505 is some thing which may have ever been improved. On PCMark’s battery evaluation, the system lasted an most 3 hours and 29 seconds. The battery lifetime is something which could have ever been better is that which we believe, specially seeing as laptops era, their battery lifetime just diminishes eventually. You may, nevertheless, be capable of making it through an entire picture with all the brightness turned completely to full and also the speakers at full volume provided that the picture isn’t more than two hours. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy, that features a runtime of two hourson this particular notebook and by the time the picture endedthat the battery had fallen to 15 per cent. Overall, it’s adequate battery life, however we believe that it has been better.


The a sus Vivobook costs Rs 34,990 and has you a AMD Ryan 5 CPU together with 8GB RAM along with 1TB storage distance. There are adequate upgradability options , with the RAM upgradable to 16-gb and hard-drive into some SATA SSD. The operation is sufficient to create this machine ideal for virtually any university student who needs a notebook for writing documents, research, making presentations as well as frees to a fantastic picture. Same is true for off ice traveling adults who desire a simple machine to the easier activities of their workplace. For R S 35,000 that really isn’t too awful a machine, however in the event that you’re the kind who can not wait two minutes to get his notebook to boot up, then you would be better off paying in a SSD too. No matter the 8GB RAM will end up insufficient prior to after.

Asus Vivobook X505 Review and Price in India

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